Good Homes Estate

GHELRA 10/6/2023/001

Physical participants

  1. Chimaobi Oji – Chairman (Presiding)
  2. Gbemi Sodipe – Vice Chairman
  3. Timothy Maha – General Secretary (Scribe)
  4. Fasa Ewere
  5. Joshua
  6. Duncan Williams – Assistant Sec. Gen.

Virtual participants

  1. Dr Ola Sotomi
  2. Kenedy Okechukwu
  3. Sholola Leke – PRO
  4. Adebola Bamiduro
  5. Chima Umezuruike
  6. Fasa Ewere
  7. Gloria Oji
  8. Barrister Henry Nwaigbudu – Legal Officer
  9. Oluropo Samuel Ajiboye
  10. Stella Ogbomo
  11. Ubong Uwat
  12. Eric Ajari
  13. Joyce
  14. Olalere Babasola


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Review and Adoption of May 13, 2023 Minutes of Meeting (MOM)
  3. Matters Arising from last MOM
  4. Matters of the Day
    (i) Projects Committee
    (ii) Education Committee
    (iii) Financials
  5. AOB
  6. Chairman’s remarks
  7. Adjournment
  8. Closing prayer

The meeting started with an opening prayer said by Mrs Oji. The Chairman welcomed members and asked everyone in attendance to takes a few minutes to review the minutes of the last meeting which held June 10, 2023 for correction and matters arising.

Mr. Ajiboye moved a motion for the adoption of the June 10, 2023 MOM subject to corrections made, which was seconded by the Vice Chairman.


There was no matter raised from the last minutes of meeting.


The Vice Chairman reported that the stringing of electric wires which PHCN promised will be done within the following week. He stated that the EXCO has mandated the committee to complete the task by the end of June 2023.
The Chairman explained the reason for the delay experienced by the committee noting that it was due to the inability of the Contractor to supply the required materials. He assured residents that all things being equal, the project will be completed by the end of June 2023. Other projects which will be completed by the end of June include collapsed sections of drainages and transformer gates.

The Education Committee Chairperson, Mrs Oji provided update on the recent essay competition organized by the Education Committee for upper primary and secondary school categories.
While thanking parents for releasing their children, she noted that over 70 children attended the event and left with gift packs.
She specially thanked Eritoy School for providing the venue for the event and also appreciated the EXCO and the 2 Education Committee members that worked with her, Mrs Ogbomo and Mrs Joy.

The Chairman thanked the Education Committee for a good job and encouraged parents to ensure their children participate in future activities.

Dr. Ola appreciated the Education Committee for a great job and also thanked the EXCO for making the Estate family friendly by providing seat out spots, organizing football games and competitions.

The Chairman provided update on May 2023 financials as follows:

Opening Bal : N608,238.
Inflows: N1,287,500.00
Outflows: N1,247,000.00
Closing Bal : N648,138.00

Opening Bal: N3,200,741.
Inflows: N135,500.00
Outflows: N1,430,729.
Closing Bal: N1,905,512

The Chairman noted that average monthly is about N1.2 million

Mr. Ajiboye asked for update on following:

  1. Employing an Estate Manager for the Estate
  2. Notice of AGM
  3. Levy collection; ensuring compliance by all Landlords and residents.

The Chairman responded as follows:

  1. Some candidates have been interviewed by the recruitment committee but non met the criteria. Another applicant will be interviewed immediately after the estate meeting.
  2. AGM will hold during the next monthly meeting.
  3. Measures are being implemented to ensure defaulting Landlords and residents comply with the payment of Levies. This includes preventing new tenants of defaulting Landlords from gaining access into the Estate while defaulting residents relocating out of the estate are prevented from moving out. Additional measures will include escalation on the Landlords platform.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Ajiboye for bringing up these issues.

The Chairman read the new policy proposed by EXCO on straying dogs and asked members to move a motion to adopt the policy.

Mrs Igbine moved a motion to adopt the Estate policy on stray dogs after sharing her observation on how a resident was almost attacked by a stray dog within the estate. Mr. Ewere were seconded the motion moved by Mrs Igbine to implement the policy on stray dogs.

Mr. Ajiboye requested that a committee be set up to enforce the policy on stray dogs and that the EXCO should also update the estate rule book. This request was supported by Pastor Ajari who also shared his personal experience on stray dogs.

The Chairman informed members that a 3 man committee including security will be set up to implement the stray dogs policy. He also appealed to dog owners to confine their dogs and hinted members on the plan to register dogs in the estate.

The Chairman notified members that GTB POS is now active and members can utilize it.

Mrs. Igbine raised concerns about the hole at the drainage in front of the Redeemed church in the estate.The Chairman promised to address the concern.

The Vice Chairman cautioned residents against smoking prohibited substances while using the seat out during dark hours. He said such acts will be reported to law enforcement agencies. Mr. Ewere suggested that “No Smoking” sign should be posted around the seat out spots while a copy of the estate rule book be handed to new residents that move into the estate.

Mr. Ajiboye advised the EXCO should do more publicity on the internet network provider in the estate so they can take advantage of the offer.

Pastor Ajari advised Landlords to be cautious and careful who they rent their houses to. He also cautioned tenants who sublet rented houses and advised such tenants to do due deligence before subletting the rented house.
The Chairman thanked Pastor Ajari and said the issue will be raised for discussion on the Landlords platform.

The Chairman thanked members who participated in the June 2023 monthly meeting and encouraged members to join the various committees to make the estate more family friendly. He then called for a member to move a motion to close the meeting.

Mrs Igbine moved a motion for meeting closure and the motion was seconded by Mr. Ewere. Mrs Igbine said the closing prayer and the meeting came to a close at 09:26AM.

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